Ken's work often consists of a juxtaposition of cityscapes and the figure. He likes the way seemingly unrelated images, placed together, can lure the viewer into the work. This can create the idea of a story in the mind of the viewer. Ken enjoys that separate viewers can have completely different ideas on the story behind the piece. "I usually don't start out with a story behind the work. I'll put interesting images together and then as I'm working on the piece I might start to think of what the relationship between the images is. But usually I expect people to have different opinions. Everyone has had different experiences in life and they bring those with them when they view a work."

In 1988 Ken graduated from the University of Cincinnati. Since then he has exhibited his work extensively in southwest Ohio. He has also had exhibits in Louisville, Ky and Terre Haute In. His art work has won numerous awards in local juried shows, recently winning an Award of Excellence for "Just A Boy Again" at the 2007 Works on Paper exhibit at Kettering Ohio's Rosewood Gallery. In 2004 Ken finished a mural that had been commissioned for Milillo's Pizzeria. The mural, which shows some of the history of the Milillo family, can be seen at the pizzeria in Hamilton, Oh.