Arriving Somewhere

On a trip to Maryland we took a ferry across the bay and then right back. I know that it wouldn’t look quite like this, but I added the image of a friend in a car to some of the images from that trip. I had asked him to rest his head on the wheel as if he was depressed. It must have worked somewhat as I heard that a juror from one of the art shows was concerned about my well being.

From Locked Within

Struggling figures in a sculpture from Vienna combined with images of a couple of friends.

On Any Other Day

A combination of several unrelated images. An image from a cycling poster, a friend, a scene in Chicago, and, I think, buildings from Vienna, all seemed to belong in an image together.

Blame It On Me

A street scene from New York city in which I imagined that the figure standing on the corner was deep in thought. I floated the acrylic photo transparency in the background as if that was what was on the person’s mind. After a friend who was doing pieces with the acrylic transparencies showed me how to do them, they ended up in a few of my pieces. The short explanation is that you would coat a Xerox image with clear acrylic and then soak it in water to remove the paper.

A King’s Wish

The interior is from St Stephansdom in Vienna, minus the pews. I wanted to have a lone figure in the large space and used an image from when my cousin had modeled for me. I decided to incorporate the matt into the piece by cutting it into the shape of the face card and decorating the border with the hearts.

At Night

From back in the days after college. Vienna is the city in the background. The house is where I was living at the time with the light on in my window. I had the pattern from the king turn into the Ohio river with a partial map of downtown Cincinnati. The jet represented my desire to be someplace better while the joker was a reminder not to take things too seriously.